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    These are non-drug solutions to your health.  The following services are successfully used to build wellness practices.  Sponsor practitioners include Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Hair Salons, and Spas.  What about hosting a house party to spread wellness to your family and friends?

    Stress Heart Rate Variability measures the heart response to a changing environment. In the presence of stress, the heart increases the volume of blood to the skeletal muscles, heart and lungs. This is the fight or flight. response. Failing to respond to stress represents the signs of disease. When stress disappears, the body relaxes to maintain and repair the body. If the body is unable rest, this also represents a diseased state.  Measuring Heart Rate Variability is the most effective way to assess how well a patient responds to stress.

    Blocked Arteries Photo Plethysmography (PPT) is noninvasive and effective at measuring and monitoring cardiovascular health. In addition to measuring the volume of blood in a vessel, PPT can obtain a great deal of information about your overall health. Information collected from PPT includes: Heart Rate, Pulse Pressure Wave, Accelerated Pulse Pressure Wave,  and Blood Vessel Tension (the stiffness of the vessel.) PPT scores the factors that can predict the onset of cardiovascular problems. 

    Detox Footbath Detox Footbaths facilitate the body’s natural homeostasis, and helps in its detoxification processes. Air pollution, food preservatives, carcinogens, and chemicals in the water and the cleaning products we use all accumulate in the body. Individually, they might not have a great effect, but collectively these toxins cause health problems, lack of energy, and a general lack of well-being.  Detox Footbaths positively ionize the bathwater neutralizing the negatively charged toxins in the body, which are expelled via the pores located on your feet. Regular ionic footbaths enhance your immune system, help your body recover faster from injuries and surgeries, and relieve pain and joint stiffness.

    Sauna Infrared FAR Sauna has amazing effects on your health. Did you know that an infrared sauna: causes weight loss; helps cellulite removal; improves immune system; improves strength and vitality; clears skin diseases like eczema, psoriasis and acne; strengthens the cardio-vascular system; helps control blood pressure; detoxifies body, relieves stress, helps burns and scars, relieves pain (joint pain, sore muscles, arthritis), helps cholesterol level, and helps bronchitis?  Using a sauna, you could easily burn 600 to 800 Kcal without any negative consequence! Fat begins to liquify at 110 degrees.

    Sauna Neurofeedback monitors the moment-to-moment brain (EEG) signals though surface electrodes on the scalp and uses the feedback to change brain signals. Changing EEG patterns can improve symptomatic problems including ADHD, sleep disorders, post-concussion syndrome, PTSD, depression, learning disabilities, fibromyalgia, autism and strokes. Clinically, reductions in pain, headaches, depression, as well as improvements in cognitive, mood and energy are possible with Neurofeedback. Several case studies have shown Lyme patients have improvements in neuro-cognitive function. ADHD patients have eliminated the need for medication through Neurofeedback training.
    Sauna The Galvanic Spa System uses proprietary technology to improve circulation and increase energy in the cells for more youthful, radiant skin. The system uses galvanic current to increase the absorption of the facial gels into the skin. The result is a noticeable difference in firmness, lines and wrinkles, and general health of the skin. Using the Galvanic Spa System, you will look years younger.